Jewelry Flower of Live

Everything in the world is an energy that is in a constant state of change. Its fluctuations, pulses, wavelengths, rhythms and cycles of different orders can be described mathematically and geometrically. From the dance of atoms to spiral galaxies, every type of motion and growth is governed by the same set of mathematical laws, and in these laws, shown by geometric symbols, lies an ancient mystery, named the Secret of Creation. The symbols of Sacred geometry are the mathematical and geometric pattern of the cycle of creation, and the Flower of Life is considered the most sacred of all geometric symbols. It is formed by 19, 37,61,91, etc. overlapping and interconnected circles. Looking at it, especially sensitive people can feel powerful vibrations that strengthen the energy fields of the viewer, bring harmony, luck and balance. To recharge with positive energy during the day, and protect yourself from harmful effects, it is recommended to wear these symbols in the form of jewelry.