Photobook E-ZERO

Title: e-zero
by Galia Yotova, Tsveta Ubcheva, Nadezhda Shipkova,
Nadezhda Pavlova
Editor: Nadezhda Pavlova
78 images, 142 pages

In the seventies of the twentieth century village Pchelina remained at the bottom of the newly built by the socialist government in Bulgaria dam. All population was forced to leave their homes at the village. The purpose of the dam was it to be settling tank for the pollution caused by metallurgical plants in the nearby town – Pernik. At the end of the nineties plants in Pernik stopped working.Today the dam is clean and beautiful place with an area of 5 square kilometers and long history. On the lake shore is located Kovachevtsi village, birthplace of the communist leader Georgi Dimitrov, accused of torching the Reichstag. The village, once famous center for socialistic propaganda, now is home of abandoned hotels constructions, deserted museum and smaller population. Four famous Bulgarian photographers, Galia Jotova, Tsveta Ubcheva, Nadezhda Chipkova and Nadezhda Pavlova gathered together to document their sense of this place. The book e-zero, /”ezero” means “lake” in Bulgarian language/ was created on the idea and editorial work of Nadezhda Pavlova and include photographs of all four photographers. The handmade books, with edition of 52 copies, were produced by inkjet prints on office paper, glued by acrylic glue on paper body and placed in a unique aluminum cover, made by Galia Yotova.