We all know that the atom is considered to be the smallest indivisible particle (hence its name). It consists of a nucleus containing protons and neutrons and an electron shell, with the number of electrons equal to the protons. The electrons are located in electronic layers, where the electron moves in an electron cloud. But the electron manifests itself not only as a material particle but also as an electromagnetic wave. Each electron is in constant motion around the nucleus, and this motion corresponds to a wave with a certain energy. These are the electronic orbits. the different atoms they have What is the shape that forms the electrons in space? It can be calculated and here is what happens:

Note / let’s see the wonderful artistic work of Leo Delavega /, THE HYDROGEN has 1 electron in its layer, H 1s1, which moves like this:

The second element of the Mendeleev periodic table is Noble Gas, Helium, He 1s2.

Is this form known to you?

Well yes,!!!! this is the Seed of Life from the Sacred Geometry. This is the first stage of the Creation, the first 7 days of the Creation of everything that surrounds us, the living and inanimate nature, the microcosm and the macrocosm, the building element, the brick from which the other forms of the Sacred geometry, namely the Flower of Life, the Fruit of Life, the Egg of Life, the Tree of Life, and the Cube of Metatron!
This means that the secret of Creation lies in the building of the atom !! It should not be interpreted only as a material particle, but also as an energy process related to the movement and interaction of electrons in atoms. This energy process is the same in the micro and macro world, and I think that explains the fractal structure of the Universe. The shape of the Seed of Life that Leo Delavega drew represents the place where the pair of Helium electrons is the least likely to pass in its movement around the nucleus !!
It is present in the first electron layer of every next atom, yes, every next atom has a complete 1 electron layer in which the pair of electrons are moving, drawing this form!

That’s the way I’ve seen and made the Seed of Life like photography and jewelery.