The Seed of Life illustrates the first 7 days of the Message. Each of these circles alone is like a key, forming a dynamic field of possible geometric relationships. This should be defined as one of the most fundamental structures of the Communication. , like the colors of the rainbow, even like the notes from the music ladder.

The seed of life is the basis, the building block through which the infinite, fractal structure of life can be understood, it is the basic building block in the construction of reality and of ourselves: in the structures and functions of our cells, our DNA, in consciousness us, in our sense of symmetry and beauty. That is why it affects us not only visually looking at it. It calms us, balances and harmonizes on an energy level, charges us with positive energy for the whole day. That’s why I developed silver jewelry with the symbol of the Seed of Life, so that it can be constantly worn, looked at and touched.